We have taken a special variety of elements from the natural world and combined them to create an experience and flavor all its own.  
Our glycerin based concentrates are measured to give the perfect amount of sweetness.  Of the 5 tastes - sweetness is associated with joy.  
From the first taste to the finish our curated flavors invite, linger and finish with a complex storyline.  
  • Glycerin does not affect the bodies blood sugar levels and is sugar free.  Our formulas are light on the body while providing 55 calories of energy fuel.  
  • We add specific vitamins and minerals to bring in elements from the soil which until recently we were more able to get through our food.
  • We add a flower essence specific to each flavor to enhance each experience.  The vibrational qualities of flowers have been used for centuries in natural remedies.  Flower essences help us overcome unconscious patterns that can keep us from our happiness.
  • We believe in the power of color and have crafted our colors to enliven the experience.  We use natural colors that are all made from plants.  They are pure and light sensitive so fading can happen but it doesn't effect the formulas.