A Refreshing Refreshment

Daren and Juliette set out to create new ways to make drinking water easier to remember and enjoy in more situations.  They think that hydration is key for vitality, beauty and mental clarity.  

Both had the vision to create a future we can live with and look forward to. Daren brings his expertise in healthy lifestyle products founding "Lifefactory glass water bottles" in 2006 and Juliette  brings her research in global change, water and human connection.
      I'm always looking for more ways to be happy.  You kind of have to be if your last name is JOY.  No pressure. If experiences of pleasure, enjoyment and love are all felt through the body senses it follows, that taking better care of our bodies could only expand these sensations.  To me, this is the simple secret to more JOY.  Becoming more yourself. 
-Daren Joy
 Water informs my connection to the larger world.  I'm excited to bring in new possibilities that can forge a path to reducing our impact on the environment while increasing our connection to each other and enjoying life more in the present moment. 
  -Juliette Budge